Three Benefits Of Having Backyard Amusement Park Rides

In case you have children, small ones that love to see their state fair or carnival, exactly what it be nice to allow them to participate on a number of these rides within their backyard? You might sometimes be the most famous parent on earth should you could put some of these kiddie rides back there for them to play on. These are generally not always will be enormous rides similar to a Ferris Wheel, nor could you possibly actually install a full bumper car ride inside your backyard. However, there are many rides that are smaller, the truth is made for limited space, that you could purchase and also have delivered to your physical location. Listed here are three benefits to having these backyard amusement park rides so your family can also enjoy them.
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A Kiddie Roller Coaster

This is probably one of the top choices that kids will definitely applaud after they enter in the backyard the very first time and discover one. These are designed in several different ways, manufactured for small children, and the course that you have for these people for this roller coaster ought to be something you may change. You should start them with something which is definitely going in circles. It's also something that you just might make go up and down. These is available by contacting manufacturers of not merely amusement park rides, but those specializing in kiddie rides too.
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YoYo Rides

All children love swings, letting them go back and forth. It really is something which most children are capable of doing all day long. They may get somewhat sick should they be doing this for a number of hours, but you may make this a more innovative kind of fun. These will probably be a lot smaller version of your typical YoYo which may seat as much as 20 or even more people. It's not going to go quite high, nor really quick, but your kids are able to spin around enjoy yourself going in circles.
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Merry Go Round

Finally, one of the more popular rides for all time will be the carousel. It is also known by most kids since the merry-go-round. This really is something that you might also invest your backyard. They can make them in very small sizes, often seen at malls and shopping malls off to the side. The small ones can fit as many as three children, causeing this to be perfect for your kids along with their friends. They can take turns, experiencing the music that they can hear as they are spinning throughout the circle on either horses or one of the other animals that this ride could have into it.

These are typically just a few of the rides that you may actually devote your backyard so that your kids may have a thrilling time. By talking with a kiddie ride professional, the one that might have several different rides available http://bestonamusementparkrides.com/backyard-amusement-rides-for-sale/, it is possible to select one that your kids will love which will additionally be very affordable.


Profit-Maximizing an Amusement Park

A trip to an amusement park can be an exciting way to spend a summer day. With rising gas prices an amusement park "day-cation" is now a more popular option than ever. That's not to say a trip to the local park is cheap. Most parks charge an admission fee for entrance, parking pass fee, deposit for rentable locker, and charge tokens to play games. The typical amusement park prohibits guests from bringing their own food into the park. Different people have different demands for food. Some people are willing to pay more for food, while others prefer to eat before going and not buy food after they enter the gates. The park sells food at concession stands, but usually charge prices twice as much as restaurants outside the park. How can the park charge outrageously high prices and not lose business? Would the amusement park gain by charging a higher or a lower price for food? The key to profit-maximizing an amusement park is to find the right balance between the price of food and admission.
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Amusement parks can charge what they do for food and admission for a number of reasons. They have to pay for maintenance of the park and upkeep of the rides, employees, food, water, electricity, new rides for sale, etc. If visiting guests want a safe, clean, open park that can add some fun rides and additions to the park every season or two, they're the ones who are going to have to pay for it. If an amusement park lowered the price of food then people would have to wait longer between new rides which usually lead guests to start to complain about if it gets too long. Food pricing at amusement parks also need to fit in the supply and demand realm. If a park gets overcrowded then new high capacity rides need to be built in order to service all of those people. To a certain degree, the pricing helps keep the attendance on a controlled growth path while financing expansion. This will not be the same for every park. Including one or two perks like free sunscreen or parking rolled into admission works for some parks. Others make guests feel in that one visit the park is trying to squeeze every penny out of them. It's not good for business when visitors walk out the door feeling like they've been taken advantage of as they will be less likely to return. The most successful amusement parks are the ones that find the equilibrium point between gate and food pricing.

In order to understand how an amusement park can charge high prices and still be successful another question needs to be answered: Why do so many people visit amusement parks every year? In 2006, over 335 million people visited America's theme parks. Generally, people visit parks for the rides. The rides are what the parks are selling to the customer. The ride lineup is probably the single biggest factor in the guest experience for most people through the gate. Most major cities usually only has one large amusement park within a convenient range, the issue is basically one of monopoly too. Still, the rides are the product and everything else is just details.

One of the largest regional amusement-resort operators in the world, Cedar Fair, owns and operates eleven amusement parks in North America including Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Consistently voted "Best Amusement Park in the World" in Amusement Today polls, Cedar Point is known as the roller coaster capital of the world with a grand total of seventeen coasters, more than any other park. A one day ticket for ages 3-61, 48" and taller during the 2008 season is $42.95. Parking is $10 and admission to Soak City Water Park is NOT included.
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Holiday World & Splashin' Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana, is a small family-owned and operated park with just four roller coasters. The park has been voted the "World's Friendliest Park" and the "World's Cleanest Park" for five years in a row by the readers of Amusement Today magazine. A general admission one day ticket in 2008 costs $39.95, almost as much as Cedar Point. While Cedar Point has thirteen more roller coasters, Holiday World's admission is only three dollars less. However, Holiday World's admission includes several perks including admission to Splashin' Safari Water Park for no additional charge, free sunscreen, free parking, and the biggie: free unlimited soft drinks. Which park is the better value for the guest and how does the profit-maximizing strategy of each park differ?

Known for some of the best amusement park rides in the world, Cedar Point is also home to some of the highest food prices in the industry. The majority of the food venues are very fast-food oriented, with limited menus, and prices geared for a semi-captive market of visitors unwilling to endure the time-consuming hassle of driving the causeway back to the city just to get a cheaper meal. At Cedar Point during the 2008 season it's $3.29 for a 16oz, $3.79 for a 22oz and $3.93 for a 32oz soda. A 20 oz bottle of coke at any Disney park is $2.00 even, a medium fountain drink is $2.19 and a large is $2.69 (allearsnet.com). A six inch Subway sub sandwich is $7 plus tax at the Point. Outside the park a foot-long Subway sub is only $5. A bottle of soda or water that can be found for a dollar in most vending machines is $3.50 at Cedar Point. Two entrees at Panda Express are $8.99 compared to the local mall price of $6.99. Refills on the $8.95 souvenir cup are $1.99 which means most guests might as well just buy the $4 drink because the break even point is four drinks, not to mention the hassle of carrying the huge cup around all day with the possibility of it being lost or stolen.

Not only is the cost of food at Cedar Point high, but the quality is just as poor. Based on a recent visit, the service at various counter locations can be described as "glacial, not friendly and pathetic." Here's the deal with the food: A good $2 hamburger is a good $2 hamburger. Part of the problem is that a good $2 hamburger is a LOUSY $8 hamburger. And when the park tries to sell that $2 hamburger for $10, it is going to seem even worse. And yet, if a consumer were to pay $2 for it, they would probably think it pretty darned good. That's what value is all about. The prices at Cedar Point are too high when judged in comparison to the quality of the food (with park-specific locations) and when judged against the equivalent choice outside the park (Subway example).

The good news is that even if guests are stuck in the park all day, most of the food items are optional. However, convenience is a big one. The majority of guests hate leaving a park and to go get something to eat as its time lost that could be spent riding the rides http://bestonamusementparkrides.com/, the reason they came to the park in the first place. The whole process is bothersome: finding the way out of the park, getting the hand stamp, walking to the car, driving out of the lot, finding a place to eat, eating, driving back to the park, finding a parking space again, and walking back through the gate. In the end the majority of park guests are actually willing to accept a little more than a reasonable markup to just avoid the whole time and hassle of leaving the park for food.

How high can the prices of food go? Until the per-caps (spending per person in the park) actually drops or attendance significantly drops, there's not going to be a change. Would it be better to see the revenue made at the gate? If the park made the $43 admission ticket $50 then they could lower the price of food items inside the park by a dollar or two. The only catch is that people might just complain about the price to get in and not come in the first place.

According to the article "Cheaper to eat at the Point, too" Cedar Point actually lowered prices for the 2006 season. "The price of regular one-day admission (in 2006) is $39.95, down $5 from last year's (2005) $44.95" and a "20-ounce Pepsi soft drink was $2.75, now $2.39." Why did the park lower prices? "Guest comments may have played some role in the decision, but so did the park's lagging attendance the past few years." Run the math: The gate admission dropped 11%. That means an almost 13% increase in attendance is needed to make the same revenue. On top of that they dropped food prices in the park an average of 20%. Even if they make up the 11% price drop at the gate, if in-park food buying remains constant (in terms of volume, not dollars), they're down between 11% and 12% on food revenue. Still assuming the lower gate will drive attendance and knowing food dropped an average of 20% then the guest has to buy 12.5% more food (based on an average) to make up the difference. So with the price drops, just to keep the numbers the same, they need a 13% increase in attendance and on top of that need their guest to buy 12% more food. And that doesn't take into effect the increased costs of putting more people through the gate and selling more volume.

What was the result of lowering prices? Cedar Fair doesn't release per park attendance figures but since the 2006 season the food and ticket prices have gone back up (though the admission ticket price remains below the 2005 level.) The lowered prices did not pull in enough customers to make up the difference. The park is operating on fewer visitors at a higher margin. Cedar Point would've been better off lowering the price of food or gate but not both. Cedar Point might as well charge high prices for food because lower food prices didn't increase attendance to make up the difference. In Cedar Point's case the high food prices are not hurting their business because of the demand for their rides in http://bestonamusementparkrides.com/new-amusement-rides-for-sale/.

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How Can You Choose Quality Bumper Car Rides?

When you own or operate an theme park, whether it's a lasting facility or a traveling festival, one of your most in-demand attractions might be bumper cars. People love bumper cars for several reasons. First of all, it's a ride where they actually acquire some power over their speed and directions, unlike fixed pieces like swings or roller coasters. Second, they reach bump and ram their relatives and buddies. So it's important to offer the right pieces within your ride, but how would you choose quality  new bumper car rides?
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The original element of selecting any bumper car rides is deciding what sort of surface they will ride on and what type of cars you need or want. Naturally a few of this might already be set, especially if you are looking for added stock or replacement cars for the existing ride. Concrete grounds beneath a roof certainly are a common environment for bumper cars, however some work on ice. Car choices include electric, indoor, and also inflatables.

You also have to be aware of how your cars will be powered. Three primary methods exist. The traditional and classic style is really a power circuit involving the floor and ceiling, with cars making physical contact for the roof. A more modern style derives power entirely from the flooring. Rechargeable battery cars are options too.

So, when you have all of this established, you no doubt know the specific form of bumper cars you are interested in. How then will you choose quality bumper car rides http://bestonamusementparkrides.com/amusement-park-bumper-cars-for-sale/ in a specific category? You can find three factors to consider primarily.
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The very first thing you want to understand about any bumper car you might buy is what type of reasonable life expectancy the automobile has. It's okay, and sometimes even ideal, to purchase used cars, as some rides could possibly be upgraded or their proprietors go out of business or maybe replace the ride. The secondary market http://bestonamusementparkrides.com/ has cars come onto every once in awhile, with the Internet making the continent one national marketplace. However, you would like to know just how many more years the cars may be expected in which to stay use.

The next thing to take into consideration is definitely the safety rating of the particular car. Not all the bumper cars are built alike, so make use of knowledge, professional contacts, and web-based research to know what cars are safer as opposed to others. It takes only one accident to obtain a park shut down or sued from existence, far less require a serious hit to business.

The 3rd and final thing to keep an eye out for is whether or not you can repaint, recolor, or resurface a car, if it's possible at all. You don't want to purchase cars that mismatch your overall set in case you are adding to a collection. Also, you want creative power over the theme and decor of the overall experience.

If you happen to realise you are asking how will you choose quality bumper cars to enhance your entertainment business, keep all these considerations in your mind to discover the right pieces.


Vintage Amusement Park Rides

While you consider all the available alternatives for theme park rides, you can find a wide variety of categories. You can get rides that are modern and new. You can find rides that could have a theme, including super hero or princesses. And you can also find the vintage theme park rides. With regards to the second category, there are lots of features of choosing this type. In order to know why vintage theme park rides are advantageous, read on.

Firstly, vintage rides are nostalgic. There are many reasons for this. Individuals who rode the rides whenever they were new likely made good memories riding the rides. In order to return to time and place of excellent times, they are going to likely bring their kids, grandchildren, friends, or others for the theme park to take pleasure from happy times together that will create new memories.
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An additional benefit of vintage amusement park rides is because they allow you to have got a nice atmosphere at your location. For instance, you can have one section of vintage rides or create a whole park that has the vintage feel. It's an excellent theme and simple to incorporate vintage food booths, shops, and other vintage areas to your guests to explore and hang out.

Vintage park rides http://bestonamusementparkrides.com/vintage-amusement-park-rides-for-sale/ are memorable, but are also in style. Currently, individuals are decorating their house with vintage decor, wearing vintage apparel, and seeking to feature that old together with the new and properly accomplishing this. By choosing vintage theme park rides, you are mirroring what consumers are doing and attracting these people to your park.

Amusement park rides that are vintage are also more laid back and reliable. While many people appreciate a thrilling amusement park ride, additionally they have a ride which is slow and trusted. This particular ride is additionally more family friendly. Rides that the whole family enjoys will always be popular so that's a very good reason to have vintage amusement park rides.

As you consider finding the best vintage rides like vintage trains, there are some things to consider. May be the ride authentic? Precisely what is its history? What sort of shape could it be in? Can you maintain the upkeep with a vintage ride? Do you need a vintage area or possibly a vintage themed park? Prior to a purchase, consider these items to be certain your purchase can be something you will be content with.

To conclude, plenty of good reasons that vintage theme park rides are advantageous. They may be memorable and enable your potential customers to generate new memories because of their family and friends. Vintage rides happen to be in style and search great when they are ready to go in any park. This sort of ride http://bestonamusementparkrides.com/ is likewise family friendly and something that may be enjoyed by each of the website visitors to your park. As you consider adding vintage amusement park rides to your location, utilize the tips that have been shared here to assist you to determine what will continue to work best for you.


Classfication of human gyroscope rides

If you're truly enthusiastic about getting all you could from the theme park, among the best rides which you will love purchasing is actually a human gyroscope. A persons gyroscope can be a traditional ride which allows people to pay for a 3-dimensional rolling ring. This will help you to give people the event that they could present to their entire group. For instance, typically between one and six people can be strapped into one of those rides and give themselves a great thrill because the ride spins around and around in circles.
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An important feature about these rides is that everyone loves them and will pay decent money to take pleasure from them. Because of this, imaginable this not only like a courtesy in your customers, but as an investment to your amusement park overall. It would keep people paying tickets and can turn it into a viable institution in your carnival or theme park. Once you think that you are prepared to begin purchasing one of those rides, there are numerous of steps that it is advisable to take and definitely will get this a reality. After going about this, you will understand that you are in good hands capable to receive assistance from the maker that will sell a gyroscope.

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First of all , you must do when you find yourself able to purchase one of those rides from Beston is to ensure that you do have a price you are reluctant to look over. A lot of theme park owners make the mistake of adding to their park with out a considerable budget set up. With out a budget, you may be at risk of overspending, which is incredibly possible as these prices range greatly. Next, once you have a maximum price you are reluctant to look over, be sure that you make contact with a minimum of 3 to 6 different gyroscope manufacturers in order to find out how much it would cost to not only purchase the ride but also to have it installed at your theme park.

From this point, you must begin focusing on maintaining the ride. The simplest way to carry out this is certainly to touch base having a repair contractor that may emerge for your amusement park and provide ongoing maintenance. You can pay an annual fee for this and obtain as much maintenance calls that you need. This way, they can handle inspections, maintenance and repairs and you will probably not need to worry about excessive downtime using the ride. This could be advantageous for you, since you need to be certain that additionally you keeping your ride attendees safe and sound each time that they trust you with their safety and health with this ride at http://bestonamusementparkrides.com/human-gyroscope-rides-for-sale/.

So with one of these points in mind, start looking for businesses that can sell you one of those gyroscopes. Using this method, you may be well cared for capable to receive the help and service that you require.


Vintage Theme Park Rides

When you consider each of the available options for theme park rides, you can find numerous categories. You will discover rides which are modern and new. There are actually rides that may have a theme, like super hero or princesses. And you can also find the vintage amusement park rides. In relation to the latter category, there are numerous great things about choosing this kind. If you wish to know why vintage theme park rides are advantageous, continue reading.
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To begin with, vintage rides are nostalgic. Many reasons exist for for this. Those who rode the rides when they were new likely made good memories riding the rides. So as to go back to enough time and set of excellent times, they will likely likely bring their kids, grandchildren, friends, or others for the theme park to enjoy good times together and create new memories.

Another benefit of vintage theme park rides is that they let you have got a nice atmosphere at your location. For instance, you can either have one section of vintage rides or build a whole park containing the vintage feel. It's an excellent theme and easy to add vintage food booths, shops, and other vintage areas to your guests to discover and spend some time.

Vintage park rides are memorable, however they are also in design. Currently, everyone is decorating their residence with vintage decor, wearing vintage apparel, and trying to include the existing with all the new and successfully accomplishing this. By choosing vintage theme park rides, you are mirroring what individuals are doing and attracting these to your park.
Pendulum Rides for Sale for Theme Parks

Theme park rides http://bestonamusementparkrides.com/theme-park-rides-for-sale/ that are vintage can also be more calm and reliable. Although people appreciate a thrilling theme park ride, in addition they love a ride which is slow and trusted. This particular ride is also more warm and friendly. Rides that the entire family enjoys will always be popular so that's a very good reason to have vintage amusement park rides.

As you consider finding the best vintage rides, there is something to think about. Is the ride authentic? What exactly is its history? What type of shape is it in? Could you keep up to date the maintenance on the vintage ride? Do you need a vintage area or perhaps a vintage themed park? Prior to a purchase, consider this stuff to ensure your purchase is something you happen to be pleased with.

To summarize, there are many reasons that vintage amusement park rides are advantageous. They may be memorable and permit your potential customers to generate new memories making use of their family and friends. Vintage rides are in style and check great when they are up and running in any park. This type of ride which made by Beston is likewise family friendly as well as something which can be enjoyed by each of the targeted traffic to your park. As you consider adding vintage amusement park rides in your location, utilize the tips that were shared here that will help you determine what will work most effective for you.


Who Is Responsible for the Amusement Park Rides

In the summer, many vacationers and families from Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey drive to the Jersey Shore. One of the favorite past times of most vacationers is to go on the rides at the boardwalk. So who maintains the rides http://bestonamusementparkrides.com/? Are the rides safe? What happens if there is an accident and someone gets injured?

The New Jersey Division of Codes and Standards, a part of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA), governs ride safety in amusement parks and carnivals to ensure the safety of these rides for the public pursuant to the Carnival and Amusement Ride Safety Act. which was only implemented in the recent years. The Act provides responsibilities not only for the owner and manufacturer of the rides, but also the rider. The Act has 13 Subchapters, but only a few chapters of interest will be addressed in this article. The entire act can be found on Beston's website.
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Subchapters 2 and 4 address the owners and manufacturers' responsibility with regard to maintaining the rides. Prior to a ride being open to the public, the DCA requires the owner and manufacturer of the ride to submit documentation for review regarding all carnival and amusement rides. These documents result in an annual inspection and permit to operate the ride in New Jersey. In addition, the rides are inspected by DCA prior to the ride is open to the public

Other than annual inspections by DCA, the owners must inspect and test the ride on each day of intended use. The inspection and test shall be made by a qualified person experienced and instructed in the proper assembly and operation of the device and shall be performed before the ride is put into normal operation.

Subchapter 3 addresses the riders' responsibility. The Act basically says that a rider shall comply with the written warnings and directions posted by the operator of the ride, which include rider conduct signs; height, weight and size restrictions. It also states that if a rider is under the influence of any alcoholic beverage, prescription drug or other controlled substance, he/she shall not board the ride.

What happens if there is an accident? The Act requires the owners to report the accident. There are two types of incident reporting requirements: 1) Shut down and report and 2) report within 24 hours.

"Shut down and report" involves any incidents of death or serious injury, ejection from the ride or failure of a critical structural or mechanical component, regardless of cause. The owner must shut down the ride like the train rides and report it immediately to the Department by phone and prepare a written report and fax it to the Department within 24 hours of incident. The ride stays shut down until opened by the Department.

"Report within 24 hours" involves any ride-related injury requiring first aid, or any mechanical malfunction, or an emergency evacuation of the ride. The owner needs to report the incident to the Department within 24 hours by fax or phone. Owner then has 5 days to submit a written report to the Department.

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